10-23 Tips to ease off someone’s depression

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Tips to ease off someone’s depression

Living with a loved one who is prone to depression can be challenging at times. One day, he or she might appear jovial and carefree, and distant and aggrieved the other day. Depression can become so debilitating that a person might feel much incapacitated to perform even small daily chores.

It is the duty of a loved one to help the person in distress, reassuring that he or she is not alone. Listed below are some of the ways through which one can reach out to people suffering from depression and help them navigate that phase as smoothly as possible.

Helping with the clutter: When a person is depressed, a downward spiral ensues because of which one cannot come out of the negative thought process. This leads to piling up of so much stuff around, like unwashed dishes, heaps of books and laundry, unkempt home, and so on. A loved one can help a depressed person by getting involved in managing these small chores.

Fixing healthy meals: When one is depressed, he or she may binge eat or stay away from food. Both the traits are unhealthy and can worsen a person’s depression. One can pitch in by offering the depressed person much-needed rest and give them a healthy and wholesome meal, serve fruits, nuts, salads, and juices. A healthy diet can also help in recovering from a mental illness.

Going outdoors: The last thing on a depressed person’s mind is to go outdoors and mingle with people. A loved one can help take the person come out of the confines of the dark and sad world. When one is outside in nature, one is exposed to vitamin D, which helps significantly in ameliorating the depressive symptoms. Planning a picnic, walking or sitting on the grass, lying under the open sky, and breathing fresh air can greatly help one to connect with the Mother Nature and feel at ease.

Encouraging self-care strategies: Depressed people isolate themselves from their surroundings to the extent that they fail to brush teeth, take shower or change into clean clothes. Hence, they should be encouraged to take bath regularly, and change into clean and comfortable clothing, frequently shave, and engage in some sort of mild physical activity, which can lessen the depressive symptoms.

Lending an ear: If the depressed person is unable to articulate his or her feelings, he or she must be encouraged to give vent to their emotions, as much as possible. This will help that person feel lighter. It is important for the listener to be patient and avoid judging the other person. Using phrases like, “I know how you feel”, “This too shall pass” can greatly help a depressed person to feel connected and cared for.

Road to recovery

Depression can afflict anyone, regardless of status, gender, age and financial background. Nevertheless, how efficiently one deals with it makes all the difference. Most importantly, one must reach out for help without any hesitation.

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