11-30 Most depressed states-Part 1: Economic downturn affects mental condition

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Most depressed states-Part 1: Economic downturn affects mental condition

What is it that makes some homes so depressed? What is it that labels some states as depressed? Moreover, what are those personal circumstances or genetic traits common to people of a state that make them feel so despondent and sad?

Major depression is the most common mental illness in the United States. Symptoms of depression have been found to be more evident in people of some states than those of others due to various factors. Some of them can be persistent economic troubles, increasing number of people getting dependent on addictive substances, augmented tendency of intergenerational transmission risk of mental illnesses, inaccessibility to mental health care institutions and stigma against mental illnesses, among others.

Looking at the persistent emotional distress, in our four-part series, we take a look at some American states that are more depressed than others.

  • Arkansas: Among the Southerners ranking behind in terms of mental health compared to most other states in America, Arkansas tops the list when it comes to young adults who are in need of adequate mental health assessment and treatment centers. It fares badly in several areas of mental health. In 2015, it was counted as one of the poorest states in the U.S. which can be a major reason for the people to suffer from depression as poor economic condition has a direct bearing on the mental health of a person.
  • Indiana: This American state is suffering from lagging economy, high rate of unemployment and shortfalls in the much needed budget allocations. This has caused a direct impact on the mental health care of the people of Indiana. Lately, budget constraints have forced community-based mental health care centers to either close down or downsize which has also affected the condition of the people. This has resulted in acute shortage of psychiatrists or in unavailability of proper mental health care facilities for the people of the state.
  • Kentucky: A slew of social problems, high rates of unemployment, coupled with tendency to abuse drugs, are some of the factors responsible for the poor mental health of the people of Kentucky. Few job opportunities or scarce sources of earning adequate amount to support one’s family can cause depression and other forms of mental illness that can also push people towards substance use, abuse and addiction.

Commenting on the various mental illnesses affecting the people of the state, Dr. Lela McKnight-Eily, a clinical psychologist and epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, “Depression can both precipitate and exacerbate the symptoms of a chronic disease.”

Seeking available treatment options

There can be myriad reasons for people to suffer from depression. However, the need of the hour is timely treatment in order to avert the worsening of the situation. If left untreated, the situation can spiral out of control and can reach a point of no return. At times, those suffering from depression also tend to suffer from other mental problems, such as anxiety. Thus, it is important to seek treatment for any kind of mental condition to lead a happy and a healthy life.

According to a study published online in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in August 2016, though depression affects millions of American adults, a good percentage of them do not prefer to go ahead with any treatment. If you or your loved one is looking for help to get rid of depression, contact the Depression Treatment Centers of California for more information on rehab for depression in California. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 855-678-0400 for advice about our residential treatment centers for depression in California or chat online for more information on residential treatment centers for depression in the U.S.

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