08-11 Tips to deal with depression during recovery

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Tips to deal with depression during recovery

Seeking treatment for an addiction is not only indispensable but also commendable because it requires a great deal of courage and perseverance. Once a person enters recovery, he or she gets a new lease of life, which necessitates goal setting and planning.

However, it is ‘easier said than done.’ While one may recover from an addiction, one might still be haunted by flashbacks from the drug abuse days. Life in recovery is not a bed of roses. One might have to resuscitate the personal and professional aspect of life and regain stability. This can get overwhelming and one may experience depressive symptoms.

If depressive symptoms continue for long, one must seek immediate help, for depression can create a hurdle on the road to recovery. However, one must remember that getting worked-up and depressed is absolutely normal.

Listed below are a few self-help strategies which one can adopt on realizing that he or she has been hit by depression:

Exercising regularly

Exercise helps in the release of chemicals called endorphins which help uplift the mood. Sometimes, when one feels low, a brisk walk or a run can help in fighting off the blues. Hence, one must include some form of physical activity in the daily routine during recovery.

Maintaining a mood journal

A person is usually in a vulnerable state of mind when he or she enters a recovery phase. Recovery involves discarding baggage from the past and embracing new lifestyle habits and new people to rebuild. This can certainly cause mood fluctuations. Therefore, it makes sense to maintain a mood journal and register when one felt different kinds of emotions and for how long.

Sleeping adequately, soaking in the sun and eating consciously

A sleep deprived mind is restless that can wander to unsolicited terrains. Therefore, it is important to ensure that one enjoys quality sleep for at least 8-10 hours. In addition, one must also ensure that he or she has adequate levels of Vitamin D because deficiency of vitamin D can exacerbate depressive symptoms. Further, one must steer clear of junk food and focus on eating a diet full of complex carbs, fibers, healthy fats and lots of proteins.

Practicing mindfulness

Wading successfully through an addiction treatment is an act of bravado. Once in recovery, one must start practicing mindfulness and focus on life on a day-to-day basis. Mindfulness is an art and it comes with practice. One can get skilled at it with the help of yoga and meditation. Building life in recovery takes time and consistent efforts, however, it is the small or the baby steps taken every day that help lay a strong foundation.

Continuing with aftercare and seeking additional support

Once in recovery, a lot of people get complacent and stop attending their aftercare meetings and programs. This can jeopardize their chance of remaining sober for long and can increase the risk of a relapse. Continuing with the aftercare programs can help one in fighting off depression as one gets to talk, discuss and heal.

However, if the depressive symptoms get chronic and intense, one must seek professional support immediately. Procrastinating therapy can cause damage and can lead to a relapse.

You are not alone

Depression can befall anyone, regardless of caste, culture, social and financial background. However, how efficiently one deals with it makes a lot of difference. Most importantly, one must reach out for help and attach no stigma or shame to it. Seeking help can empower an individual to effectively deal with depression, and other challenges of life.

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