12-26 Vicious circle of depression and diabetes

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Vicious circle of depression and diabetes

Everyone has times when they may feel sad but clinical depression causes multiple symptoms which last two weeks or longer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, although the relationship between diabetes and depression is not fully understood:

  • Diabetes management can be stressful and lead to depression symptoms.
  • The complications and health problems of diabetes may worsen depression symptoms.
  • People with depression often make poor lifestyle decisions including poor diet and lack of exercise which can increase diabetes risk.
  • Since depression affects communication and clear thinking, diabetes management may be affected.

According to studies, while diabetes increases the risk of developing depression by two fold, depression can increase the risk of diabetes, especially type 2.

Link between depression and diabetes

As per studies, while there is no specific reason for the co-existence of the two conditions, the link between depression and diabetes can be explained by various other factors such as obesity, inactivity and poor dietary habits.

Further, diabetes due to depression may be explained by the tendency to neglect taking medicines on time and test blood sugar levels on a regular basis due to experiencing symptoms such as feeling sad, low on energy and feeling lethargic due to depression.

Depressed people often tend to withdraw from their surroundings further making them negligent about their diabetic condition. Diabetes is a chronic condition and suffering from a chronic illness can be stressful, disheartening and demoralizing. Diabetes includes regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and making important lifestyle changes. Regular monitoring, while necessary, reminds people of their condition while compromising with food preferences can also make them sad, depressed and induce a feeling of worthlessness and sometimes even suicidal.

Depression in a diabetic person can occur in three stages. The first is during the diagnosis stage when a patient becomes aware of the condition. The revelation can be discouraging as a patient begins thinking about the gravity of the diagnosis. The second stage could be when a patient experiences periods of metabolic instability or changes in their medication regimen. Complications of diabetes such as neuropathy (nerve damage due to diabetes) or retinopathy (damage to blood vessels) may further trigger depression.

Road to recovery

The co-existence of depression and diabetes creates serious problems for a patient. While both conditions are potentially harmful even individually, their co-occurrence can make really impact an individual’s health. Also, since one of the conditions tends to lead to the other, it is important to treat both simultaneously.

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