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The most difficult step to take is to admit that the symptoms being experienced could be clinical depression. Although easy to attribute chronic sadness, a lingering sense of despair, loss of appetite and no desire to participate in the activities which used to bring pleasure could mean facing depression head on and the beginning of the healing journey.

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Once a diagnosis of depression has been made, the next step to healing is treatment. Based on the clinical evaluation and whether there are multiple co-occurring conditions, a referral will be made. Whether treatment is provided at a residential facility or on an outpatient basis, it is the means to recovery.

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After the active treatment is complete, it is important to continue participating in group therapy or individual counseling, and if a substance abuse disorder is co-occurring, attending a 12-step program. Continuing care is an important step in the seamless process of rehabilitation.

  • Signs and Symptoms Of Depression

    Symptoms Of Depression

    People with depression do not all experience the same symptoms. The severity, frequency and duration of symptoms vary depending on the individual and his or her particular disorder. Common symptoms are persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, sleep disturbance, lack of concentration, irritability, loss of interest in hobbies and changes in eating habits

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    Mental health professionals are available to assist in the treatment of depression or dual diagnosis. Once the specific disorder is identified, these professionals will create a treatment plan and assist in continuing care

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    Reach out to the helpline on this website for 24/7 assistance, or use the handy email form to contact us. The admission team will guide a perspective patient through the process of selecting a treatment center and answer any questions regarding the various programs and insurance coverage

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Mental Health Treatment Centers

When a mental health disorder, such as depression, is indicated it is vitally important to seek out professional help. A quality mental health treatment center will have expert clinical staff trained to administer not only necessary medications and psychological therapy, but will also provide various therapeutic treatment modalities. Such adjunct therapies may include brain wellness, cognitive training, biofeedback, neurofeedback, pharmcogenetic testing, yoga, art, music therapy and equine therapy. Identification of a dual diagnosis is key, as substance abuse often accompanies mental health disorders, so a treatment center that focuses on dual diagnosis is most desirable.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Often mental health disorders such as depression co-occur with substance abuse disorders. If this is the case, a residential treatment program that specializes in dual diagnosis is the best treatment option. A high quality substance abuse facility will offer a safe, structured environment where detoxification is monitored. An emphasis on utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive training in conjunction with participation in a 12-step program will lead to a successful recovery if co-occurring conditions are identified and treated concurrently. Patients in treatment do well if offered therapeutic activities which supplement the recovery program, such as experiential therapies.

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