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Dealing with holiday depression

Holidays are a time to celebrate but for countless people, this may be a time full of sadness and depressive thoughts. People struggling with a mental health disorder, financial strain, death of a loved one, divorce, estrangement, loneliness, etc. might feel isolated and despondent during this time of the year, necessitating seeking help from a credible depression treatment facility.

Further, planning for elaborate dinners, meeting old friends and relatives, and gifting them can take a toll on one’s body as well as mind, taking the joy out of the whole exercise. Some people might also feel depressed due to low sunlight or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

However, things need not be so bad. With some planning, one can still find time to relax and keep the bitterness at bay. Given hereunder are some of the ways following which one can still enjoy the holidays, in spite of their overwhelming feelings.

  • Planning in advance – Uncertainty and delaying decision-making can cause enormous stress in the long-run. It is therefore, indispensable that one plans in advance for the holidays. One should decide beforehand with whom one wants to spend time during the holidays so that later one doesn’t feel lost and disoriented. One must avoid meeting people who cause stress and bring back old unpleasant memories.
  • Shopping wisely and in advance – One must start shopping early to ease shopping anxiety. Purchasing things from Black Friday and other sales can help one save a lot of money and hence, stress. One should also start wrapping and sending mails in time to prevent last minute jitters. They must try to shop strictly according to one’s budget because in the end, it is the gesture that matters.
  • Asking for help – There is absolutely no shame in asking for help. A lot of people tend to think that they can manage everything on their own and then they face a burn-out. One can involve children, spouses and other family members by allocating them different chores.
  • Staying grounded – It is easy to go overboard in the holiday season. This can get very exhausting, physically as well as mentally. One should remember that holidays is a time to be happy and not to slave to achieve perfectionism. One should do things as much as one’s mind, body and pocket allow. Stretching the means will only get draining. Holidays are about being together and that is all that matters.
  • Taking time to rest and rejuvenate – One might easily feel lost in the middle of all the holiday chaos. It is thus, necessary to take time out for some rest and relaxation. One should find time to exercise, do yoga and meditate. One may also read books, go for a walk, listen to some soothing music or engage in a hobby.
  • Spending some time alone to reflect – Living in denial can get detrimental for one’s mental health. It is therefore, essential to spend some time alone and grieve if someone has lost someone or has undergone some major life changes like a divorce or estrangement. It is important to take time to heal at one’s own pace and acknowledge one’s true feelings. In the meanwhile, one must also ensure that though they are alone, they are not isolated. One may try to reach out to those in need as the experience can get be gratifying and uplifting.

Seeking help for mental health

Sometimes, the feeling of depression might just not go away with self-help strategies. In such a scenario, one must seek professional help from a depression rehab center without any delay.

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