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Healthy drinks that can fight anxiety and depression

Anxiety is a normal response to stress that is common in day-to-day life. It could occur when asked to get up on stage to give a presentation or while driving in heavy traffic. But when one’s fears get so intense that they start affecting their regular activities, it could be because of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are becoming a matter of concern in the United States as close to 40 million adults are suffering from one or the other form of the mental condition. Not just adults, even children and teenagers experience anxiety disorders.

The trend these days encourages the intake of liquor as a means to help combat stress and anxiety. But experts feel it is always better to avoid alcoholic beverages. There are many other drinks which are healthy as well as beneficial in keeping anxiety and depression at bay, such as:

Chamomile tea: According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, chamomile extract is a great supplement that is beneficial in lifting the mood in people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), helping them to sleep better.

Yogurt smoothies: Studies show that deficiency of vitamin D in one’s body can cause depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a large part of the U.S. population could be at risk of developing this deficiency. Many people are not aware whether their diet has sufficient amount of vitamin D or not. One great way to get enough of vitamin D is having Greek yogurt. Prepare a delicious smoothie without adding too much sugar, and have a vitamin D-loaded diet. Tofu smoothies work as well for those who prefer a vegan diet.

Kale smoothies: For those looking to overcome depression, be sure to have foods rich in folic acid. Experts say that people with mood disorders can benefit from foods like Kale, as these dark leafy greens contain folates that help prevent disorders of the central nervous system. Sugar is said to add to the anxiety level of certain people. So, its intake must be controlled. Low-glycemic vegetables are a better option as ingredients for the smoothie.

Flax milk: Those suffering from depression with no trace of anxiety disorder can benefit greatly from omega-3 fatty acids. Drinks like flax milk are said to elevate the mood when one is feeling down. Add it to your smoothie in place of yogurt, and get a rich boost of omega-3s.

Coffee: Coffee is a great way to keep the blues away. Packed with antidepressant properties, it is a great stimulant for the central nervous system. However, too much coffee should be avoided as it could add to the feeling of anxiousness.

Tart cherry juice: Sleeplessness is a common occurrence with people who are plagued with anxiety. There is, however, a simple and effective method that will help them relax and also reduce insomnia. Tart cherry juice, when consumed on a regular basis, helps in this regard. It adds sufficient amount of melatonin to the body, which regulates our sleep-wake cycles in a natural way.

Green tea: Studies show that people who drink green tea may experience greater levels of relaxation as their minds produce more alpha brainwaves. This could be primarily because of the presence of two substances, EGCG and L-theanine, found almost exclusively in green tea. While EGCG is said to have shown a positive effect on cardiovascular health, L-theanine is shown to have a calming effect on the brain.

Water: There is more to dehydration than just dry lips and feeling thirsty. Without proper hydration, one could experience a feeling of dizziness and fatigue. These are symptoms which can be observed during an anxiety attack as well. A loss of even 1.5 percent of water goes a long way in altering the mood.

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