What is Depression?

Causes of Depression

There are many causes for depression, both common and rare, that can be unique to the sufferer. Whichever the cause, seek out only the best inpatient treatment centers for depression.

  • Abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or all of the above, can often cause depression at the time of the incident or years down the road
  • Conflict of any kind can heighten stress and even cause depression, especially if it’s very personal
  • A death or loss of a loved one is a common trigger of depression. Keep in mind that grief, or missing someone, isn’t depression. However, if the loss has caused a low sense of worth, then depression is likely present
  • Major events, even good ones like getting a new job, can be stressful and cause depression
  • Serious illness can cause a sense of hopelessness that’s common with depression
  • Substance abuse can easily co-exist with depression. People with this disease may search for ways to medicate themselves, and abusing drugs can be the solution. However, any option that seems easy or dangerous can only lead to disaster. Those with drug problems are the best fit for inpatient treatment centers for depression

Effects of Depression on Society

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States, affecting one in 10 adults every year. The illness can affect anyone, but the people most susceptible are:

  • Persons 45-64 years of age
  • Persons with less than a high school education
  • Those previously married
  • Individuals unable to work or are unemployed
  • Persons without health insurance coverage

Depression can cause decreased productivity at work, which negatively affects both the earnings of the employee and the company. Students in school may not be able to focus on their schoolwork, impacting their future. Parents with depression can struggle to take care of their children. It’s easy to imagine the billions of dollars that both the United States and its citizens lose every year to medical costs due to depression and related issues. This is why it’s so important to remember the importance of residential treatment centers for depression.

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